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    Hangzhou Taijia Biotech Co.,Ltd.

    Hangzhou Taijia Biotech Co.,Ltd.

    Our service features

    High quality: all products are strictly tested, and the quality inspection report includes chromatogram and mass spectrum

    Delivery time: except for some long peptides and large orders, we can deliver within three weeks

    Synthetic quantity: mg to kg

    Product purity: crude product, desalination and purity of all specifications, up to 99.5%

    Synthetic length: chain length up to 120 amino acids

    Special modification: PEG modification, phosphorylation (SER, THR, Tyr), sulfonation, biotin labeling (biotin), cyclization (amide bond, thioether bond), disulfide bond modification (intermolecular one or intramolecular many pairs), complex antigens (maps), lipopeptide, D-type amino acid and various amino acid derivatives, fluorescent labeling (FMA, FITC, rodamine, luciferin, etc.).

    Isotopic labeling: N15, C13

    Protein crosslinking: the peptide is crosslinked with KLH, BSA, ova and other proteins.

    Our competitive advantage

    Leading technical support: can provide sequence prediction, and provide the best advice for the success of your experiment

    Reasonable price system: we provide the most competitive price according to your requirements and order quantity

    Strict quality system: we provide chromatogram and mass spectrum report for you, and also provide special services according to your needs

    Fast lead time: 2-3 weeks for delivery, reducing a lot of waiting time.

    Stable product quality: provide stable products for all stages of drug research, from milligram level to kilogram level, with purity up to 99%

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