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    • Editor:Hangzhou Taijia Biotech Co.,Ltd.Date :2019-12-02 10:00 Views:


      Peptides is emerging biotech industry in recent years rapid development is widely quoted and get products of peptide is a substance between amino acid and protein, can be widely applied to all kinds of medicine health food cosmetic skin care products, according to the relevant data in the current global listed nearly 100 kinds of peptide drugs, global peptide synthesis and how to customize the drugs market is close to $40 billion the size of the market



      Peptide is a kind of organism with a variety of cell functions are related to the biological activity material, its molecular structure between amino acids and protein, is made up of many kinds of amino acids according to certain order based on the combination of peptide bonds in the compound peptide is involved in various cellular functions of the body the floorboard of the bioactive substances, and is often used in functional analysis antibody research especially in drug research and development and other fields

      多肽合成定制一般指人工多肽合成的一種服務,指根據客戶的需要,如序列、純度、分子量等的不同要求,進行加工合成的滿足特定需要的多肽合成服務。通過質譜儀進行分子量的確認,確定粗品MS的正否與否,再將粗品通過高效液相色譜即HPLC純化,得到精品肽。根據不同實驗,可以選擇不同的多肽純度,原則上是純度越高,價格越高。Peptide synthesis customization refers to a kind of artificial peptide synthesis service, according to the needs of customers, such as sequence of different requirements such as molecular weight, purity process synthesis meet the specific needs of the molecular weight of peptide synthesis services through the mass spectrometer confirmed that determine the crude products of MS is whether or not, raw and then high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) by HPLC purification, get fine peptide according to different experim

      每年出來的新藥中,多肽總會占據一些位置! 例如利拉洛肽,利拉魯肽等等,預計2014年還會有一類多肽新藥在國內外上市。

      In the new drugs that come out every year, peptides always take up a few positions! For example, leilopeptide, leilopeptide and so on, it is expected that in 2014 there will be a new class of peptide drugs at home and abroad

      定制肽在活性位點篩選過程中,起到重要作用。定制多肽,也是定制抗體的一種抗原形式,新的活性位點的挖掘,新的給藥劑型的出現,會誕生很多新藥。如果參與其中,會有一些機會!隨時DNAM 蛋白質,脂肪,糖類交叉研究的深入,復合性多肽會有很大的市場前景。另外查閱國家自然科學基金申報情況,您也會發現 多肽領域 所申請到的經費每年都有大幅提高。

      Custom peptides play an important role in the screening of active sites. Custom peptides are also an antigenic form of custom antibodies. The discovery of new active sites and the emergence of new dosage forms will give birth to many new drugs. At any time, DNAM protein, fat, sugar cross research, complex polypeptide will have a great market prospects. In addition, check the national natural science foundation of the application, you will also find that the funding in the field of polypeptide applications have increased significantly every year



      So polypeptide custom food, drugs, cosmetics and other major biotechnology industry shine! Market demand is also relatively robust with the market mature and the country to promote innovation China's slogan to implement, I believe that more new industries will pay attention to the development of the polypeptide industry, the use of polypeptide synthesis and customized polypeptide industry advantage of the development prospects

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